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Mrs. Fonzetti's Fifth Grade Class
Martin Luther King School

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Fall 2019
We are off to a great start here in in Room 11!  Students are adjusting to the routines of the day, and we are getting to know each other.  In Literacy, students are developing ideas for personal narrative stories and reading fiction.  Do you know what stories have?  We do!  Characters that have traits and  motivations, settings that orient us to the world of the characters, plots that take us through the story mountain of problem/solution, and themes that leave us learning from the character's experiences.  So much to think about and enjoy!

Social Studies takes us on a trip around the US, as we study America's Geography.  Students will be creating data disks, learning about land forms, the climate, and resources of each of the five regions.  

Thank you to students for your hard work each day and to parents for supporting our academic journeys.  


Mrs. Fonzetti

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