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Mrs. Fonzetti's Fifth Grade Class
Martin Luther King School

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Winter 2019
Happy New Year!
Let's start off the new year on the right foot- by reading! Within our next workshop unit, my students are exploring rich novels, ones that allow us to question characters, their motivations, relationships, and struggles, as well as, what we learn from their experiences.  We are also setting goals.  Goals to read everyday, carving out a few minutes here and there throughout our busy lives.  It isn't easy, but it's worth it!

As we read, we will also develop our skills writing about our reading.  Developing ideas and supporting them with reasons and text evidence is hard work, but we are up for the task.  Literary essay is what this type of writing is called and can help us attain a deeper understanding of the text we read.  Don't you just love that reading-writing connection?


Mrs. Fonzetti


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