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                Third  Marking Period

In the area of Literacy students are learning about nonfiction text now, which is reading to learn real information. Over the next few weeks students will read and learn about new places, animals, and people. While reading to learn, students will also be spending time learning about nonfiction text features. These are features that help readers understand the text better. Some of the nonfiction text features students will work on are photographs, captions, labels, headings, bold print, table of contents, and maps. In the area of grammar students are working on learning about verbs. 

In social studies students have started a new unit on Native Americans. They will be learning about Native American homes, clothing, powwows, the importance of buffalo, and totem poles. 

In math we continue to have different math groups. One of our math groups is working on multiplication strategies, another group is working on telling time concepts. 

We will continue to have snack each morning during our social skills time. 

Friday folders: as a reminder our class Friday Folder will continue to go home each Friday, or at the end of the school week. Please spend some time going through the folder with your child. All of the student work can stay home. Please return the actual orange folder and the weekly progress report signed. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  My email address is


Thank you for all your cooperation!
Mrs. Bal


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       Important Events and Dates

February 12th: Half day for students
February 15th: Dance a thon
February 18th: School closed for President's Day
March 11th: Spring Book fair all of this week
March 22nd: Spring Picture Day!