Student School Supplies 2016-17
Student School Supplies 2016-17

Use the links below to learn what supplies are required for each grade.

All Technology students need a two pocket folder just  for Technology class.

Fifth Grade Supply List in PDF

Band Supply List

Music Class- Mrs. Harrington
Music students need:
  1. A two pocket folder just for music class
  2. A soprano recorder.  This can be purchased during Music Class.  Please send $5.00 cash.
  3. A pencil



  • 1 Two- Pocket folder with child’s name  - plastic coated or plastic – any color
  • 2 Sharpened Pencils
  • Key Chain or Luggage Tag (bright colored) to attach to instrument case for I.D.  Lanyards or craft bracelets your kids made at camp work too!
  • Soft cloth or wash cloth – terrycloth is fine



Shoulder Rest   Cost:  $8-10 for a “Resonans”

(Can be ordered through instrument rental companies in Fall.)



End-Pin Stop or Cello Strap, (also called a “Donut” or “Rock Stop”)  Cost:  $5-10

(Can be ordered through instrument rental companies in Fall.)