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  Second Marking Period

In math, fifth grade students will be completing chapter 3 and beginning chapter 4. Chapter 3 focused on reading and creating different types of graphs. These graphs include: bar graphs, line plots, frequency table, and pictographs. Chapter 4 starts multiplication facts. Fourth grade students will continue to work on addition strategies and place value concepts.

In Literacy, students will continue to work on narrative elements in fiction stories. Students will continue to read to look for characters, setting, problem, and solution. Students will also take a deeper look into character traits. Students will be creating their own Little Miss or Mister Men character book.

In science, students will be learning about life cycles. Students will be learning about life cycles of kangaroos, sea turtles, chickens, plants, and humans. Students will be creating a life cycle poster on themselves as a culminating activity. They will be predicting what they will look like as adults.

After we complete our life cycles unit, we will switch back to social studies. In social studies we will begin to take a look at map skills. This will carry into the third marking period. 


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Mrs. Bal






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January 2017

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