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Hello 2019!   


The students of room 12 showed amazing growth and progress thus far this year! In Mathematics, they worked diligently on place-value of whole numbers and have had much practice in multiplication. This has helped them to solve computational problems fluently and efficiently.   Students in class showed progress.  Problem-solving is a part of their everyday math experience as well, and they have learned multiple strategies and skills with which to tackle those word problems.

In the second marking period, we used their fundamental knowledge of place-value, multiplication, and division to build on using these skills with decimals!  Students continue to use models and manipulatives to understand how decimals work, and it will lead them into using more traditional ways of solving decimal operations.  Built into their decimal work will be exposure to algebra, patterning, and problem-solving.  You can reinforce these skills at home by including your student in real-life decimal experiences involving money.  At the store, have them help you estimate the prices of items to determine about how much your bill will be.  At home, have them help you balance your checkbook and use their addition and subtraction skills.  What a great way to help your child connect their learning in skills and problem-solving to the real world!

As always, thank you for your support in your child's education! If you have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to me. Make sure you continue to check your class dojo messages for homework and upcoming important dates.   I look forward to staying connected in the New Year!
Mrs. Castellucci