Celebre, Leslie

Third Marking Period Curriculum

This marking period will be all about fractions - Adding, Subtracting. Multiplying and Dividing! At home, encourage your students to look at fractional amounts in recipes and decide how much of an ingredient they would need if they doubled, or if they halved, the recipe.

This marking period we will begin focusing in on Ecosystems!  We will create food chains in class, and write "recipes" for photosynthesis.  See if your student can name a consumer, a producer, and a decomposer that live in your neighborhood. 

PARCC Testing:
5th graders will be testing at the end of March/beginning of April. Do your best to make sure your student will be in school, on time, with a full belly those mornings!

We'll be HOPPING into Spring Break before you know it! ~ Mrs. Celebre