Cseh, Michele

Welcome To Mrs. Cseh's 5th Grade Class

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email: mcseh@pway.org
phone: 732-699-1563 ext. 5416

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Dear Fifth Grader,

            Welcome to the 2018– 2019 school year!  My name is Mrs. Cseh and I will be your Homeroom, Literacy, and Social Studies teacher in Room 16. I am looking forward to working with you at Martin Luther King Intermediate School!

            We have an exciting year ahead of us! Fifth grade is an important grade and you must work hard both in class and at home.  We will be reading some fabulous novels and short stories, writing stories and essays on fun topics, and playing games to practice our reading and writing skills!  

 A complete list of the supplies you will need for the upcoming school year can be found on the Piscataway School District website piscatawayschools.org.  In addition to the items listed on the website, you may want to bring the following extra items:

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • Crayons or markers

  • 1 twelve-inch ruler

  • 1 “Homework” folder

I look forward to our first day of school on Wednesday, September 5th! Enjoy the rest of the summer!  If you‘d like to contact me please feel free to email me at mcseh@pway.org


                                                                  Mrs. Cseh



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