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Second Marking Period


Literacy:  In literacy this marking period students will be studying strategies and techniques used when working with Nonfiction/ Informational Text.  In Reader’s Workshop, the students will analyzing text complexity.  Nonfiction texts build increasingly complex levels and the students’ will learn to shift their reading and response to those complexities.  In Writer’s Workshop, we will begin a unit of study with the intention of organizing informational writing and then move towards writing research reports.

Social Studies – “The Land and Early People” will be our focus this marking period.  Students will discover how the geography and the climate of the United States differ from region to region, the impact of early North American civilizations, and how the geography and climate affect Native American groups. 

Science – We will study electricity and the important role it plays in our lives.  Students will discover the difference between current and static electricity and understand what electric circuits are.  After studying about electricity, students will get to apply what they know and build an electric circuit!


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