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Mrs. Fonzetti's Fifth Grade Class
Martin Luther King School

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Fall 2017

With great excitement and anticipation we welcome our new Class Presidents to Rooms 11 and 12.  Candidates and campaign managers did such a wonderful job on the campaign trail.  I am excited to see what our class leaders have in store for us this year.

In Literacy, we continue the great work we have already begun with Readers and Writers Workshops.   Having studied theme in fiction, we now turn our sights to identifying main idea in non-fiction.  We are studying ways complex non-fiction gets hard, when headings are misleading, when there are several main ideas, and when those main ideas are implicit (hidden).  All of our work will help us as we write Feature Articles on topics we know and care about.  Now just to decide on a topic!

Having completed our unit on the US Constitution, we now sets our sights to US Geography.  In Social Studies, students will learn about the various regions in America, and the way the land, water, climate, vegetation, and resources differ in each.  Perhaps we will find some similarities as well!

Overall, we are looking forward to an exciting season and are happy to have Mrs. Abraham and Ms. Joshi in our classroom helping us succeed!


Mrs. Fonzetti


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