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Mrs. Fonzetti's Fifth Grade Class
Martin Luther King School

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January 2017

Happy New Year!  The students of rooms 11 and 12 are well rested and ready to get back to learning.  In Literacy, we are researching debatable topics and forming our own opinion based on our research.  We will then use what we have learned to write about our opinion, forming an argument to support.  Anyone up for a debate?

It’s all about electricity in Science.  Students will create electromagnets and compared them to ones located in our school.  Can you locate an electromagnet in use in the new wing?  Come to room 11 to find out if you are correct!  While we wait for you, we will continue to investigate the effects of static electricity in our lives and even build our own circuit with an open switch. 

In Social Studies, students are studying our nation’s geography, where we will be noticing the similarities each region has in location, culture, landforms, resources, and climate.  Boy, is the United States varied!

We look forward to an exciting marking period and are happy to have Mrs. Abraham in our classroom helping us succeed!


Mrs. Fonzetti

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