Fonzetti, Marina


Mrs. Fonzetti's Fifth Grade Class
Martin Luther King School

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Winter 2018
Here's what is happening in Room 11:

In Literacy, we continue the great work we have already begun with Readers and Writers Workshops.   Having studied theme in fiction, we now dive deeper into a Book Study of multiple novels that share a common genre, author, or characteristic.  We will use all we know about fiction to read closely and write about text in a Literary essay.  

Having completed our unit on the US Geography, we head in the facinating world of Native Americans.  We will study the various tribes, learn how they used the resources available to them, and experience the music, history, and various art forms of this people.  To show off what we learn, we will be creating a museum filled with artifacts of the past!

Overall, we are looking forward to an exciting 3rd marking period and are happy to have Mrs. Abraham and Ms. Joshi in our classroom helping us succeed!


Mrs. Fonzetti


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