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Mrs. Fonzetti's Fifth Grade Class
Martin Luther King School

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May/June 2018
Here's what is happening in Room 11:

In Literacy, we have embarked on a 3 week unit to better prepare ourselves for a testing mindset.  We will review our work this year with narratives, non-fiction narratives, and lastly, informational texts.  We also continue to develop our vocabularies through work with homophones.  

Having completed our unit on Native Americans, our now learning about the European powerhouses that claimed North America, and their impact on the Native Americans and Africans who were here or brought to the United States.  We dig deeper into the colonies of England, Spain, and France as we understand how the population in the US grew.  

Overall, we are looking forward to an exciting end of the school year and are happy to have Mrs. Abraham and Ms. Joshi in our classroom helping us succeed!


Mrs. Fonzetti


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