Harrington, Liz

Welcome to the Music Room!

4th Grade Recorder Quiz:  Sweetly Sings the Donkey
Recorder Olympics 
During the 4th Marking Period, 4th Graders are wrapping up Recorder Olympics!  Students have been working hard to earn their Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals.  Need a new worksheet?  Click the link above.

5th Graders are currently creating their Baroque Vs. Classical Posters.  They have learned the important traits of each of these musical periods, and can identify some important composers of those eras. 

If you need another poster checklist, click here.

 For Music Class each week,  5th Grade Students need
music folder, pencil, and Soprano Recorder.


4th Grade Students will bring 3-Ring "Specials" Binder,
along with a pencil and Soprano Recorder. 
You can purchase a recorder during your music class.
Bring $5 cash.
The best way to reach Mrs. Harrington is via email:
(732) 699-1563 ext. 5408