Harrington, Liz

Welcome to the Music Room!

4th Grade Recorder Quiz:  Sweetly Sings the Donkey
Recorder Olympics 
4th and 5th Graders are exploring connections between
music and math during the 3rd Marking Period.
4th graders are solving musical math problems,
to find the number of beats.

5th Graders are completing the Music-Math Project,
which includes composing a song that aligns with 
a time signature.  

Music notes and rests are fractions.  A whole note fills up a whole measure.  An 8th note fills up an 8th of a measure.  Can you think of other examples of math in music?

 For Music Class each week,  5th Grade Students need
music folder, pencil, and Soprano Recorder.


4th Grade Students will bring 3-Ring "Specials" Binder,
along with a pencil and Soprano Recorder. 
You can purchase a recorder during your music class.
Bring $5 cash.
The best way to reach Mrs. Harrington is via email:
(732) 699-1563 ext. 5408