Horvath, Mary
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January/February, 2018

The winter weather is in full effect, and we are rounding out the first half of the school year. By the end of January, we will complete the 2nd marking period and head into the 3rd marking period. The students in Room 10 continue to impress me everyday with their hard work, determination, creativity, and kindness. I look forward to new discoveries in the upcoming months.

Here are a few reminders for continued success in the winter months…

  • Stay healthy! Dress appropriately for cold weather. Wash hands often.

  • Continue to use the online resources for academic success, including my teacher website calendar for homework updates, Genesis for grades, and other technology resources like MobyMax

  • Read often! Read from a variety of genres. Read a combination of fiction and nonfiction texts.

  • Practice math facts using flashcards. Utilize the MobyMax website for additional math practice.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Enjoy the winter :)

Mrs. Horvath

Mrs. Horvath