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January, 2019
Happy New Year!

Welcome to Room 30's Class Website 


What better time to set a goal!  Students will be asked to set a goal in Math class.  It may be a specific goal such as mastering a particular concept they have been struggling with or a more generic goal like improving their Moby Max progress score by a certain amount.  Students will need to be able to break down their goal and list the steps that will help them succeed. They will also give themselves a timeline to achieve that goal.  Picking a goal and timeline should take some thought.  The goal should be attainable and the timeline should be reasonable. For instance saying "I will get all As in Math" and giving a timeline of one week may not be achievable. However, "Master my eight times times" with a timeline of ten days could work.  Can't wait to see what they decide for themselves!

 This month we continue working with division, remainders, and interpreting remainders. If your student is still not a master of their multiplication facts, please allow them to work with their charts.  This way they can focus on the concepts and strategies without having to stop to determine a fact.  Over the course of the past few months many more students have become Fact Masters and will not require the use of the chart. Remember, MobyMax does have a Fact Fluency section to help those whose facts are still not on the tip of their tongue.

The end of Marking Period 2 is fast approaching - January 31st!
Any missing work needs to be handed in by January 21st to receive credit.

If you forget your math homework, please use the handout to print out the homework page on Thinkcentral.  If you do not have access to a printer, neatly write down the answers on a piece of paper making sure to list the problem numbers.

Congratulations! 5+ Badges:
Aditi, Aiden, Anjali, Colin, Dashna, Faith, Jaydon, Maya, Nasir, Saliha, Zeyona
10+ Badges:
 Jahmal, Laila, Niket, Patrick, Ryan, Sanjana
15+ Badges:
Gary, Hailey, Akshara, Messiah
20+ Badges:
Edwin, Jacob, Rishan
30+ Badges:
Our class uses Moby Max as an additional resource to improve our skills and strategies in Math.  Students were assigned their own user name and password.  Parents and students have the ability to view the grade level and skill progress being made. Students are encouraged to utilize the Math tab on Moby Max several times each week. 

Mrs. Hutchinson

Apple Teacher       732-699-1563 ext. 5430

Spirit Days at King every Friday!

Will your picture be on the Hall of Fame bulletin board?

Please check in from time to time to make sure you are aware of any school events. Homework and upcoming events continue to be posted on the class website's Calendar page.  If you are unsure as to the day's assignment you can find the assigned work under the date it was assigned. 

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Math & Science Website:

Log on to

One website does it all! Log-in using your student ID as your User ID. Your password is the letter p plus your ID number. 
For example: User ID: 12345678
                     Password: p12345678

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Dates to Remember:
1/2 Back to School!
1/4 School Spirit Day  
1/11 School Spirit Day - Wacky Socks
*1/15 Staff Development Day, Early                Dismissal for Students
1/18 School Spirit Day - Winter Hat
              and Scarf Day
1/21 Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. - No                    School
1/21 MLK Service Event 9 - Noon
1/23 Art Show/Craft Night 6 p.m.
        Chorus Concert 7 p.m.
1/25 School Spirit Day - Twin Day
1/31 - End of Marking Period 2

 *Please check the School              Calendar page for any                            updates.

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Phone: 732-699-1563
ext. 5430
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7:30 - 7:55 a.m.

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Mrs. Paust can be reached at:
Phone: 732-699-1563 ext. 5431
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