Medvecky, Thomas

Hello My Name Is...

Tom Medvecky



Dear 5th Grader,


            Welcome to 5th grade at Martin Luther King Jr. School. We hope you had a great summer that was filled with memories and experiences. This year you are in Mr. Medvecky’s class in room 19.

            This year you will continue to have two teachers for your core subject areas. Mrs. Myers will be teaching you Math and Science and Mr. Medvecky will be teaching you Literacy and Social Studies. In Math, you’ll experience finding volumes, adding and subtracting fractions, dividing decimals and some other challenging math work.

            In Literacy, you will explore texts like Maniac Magee and On My Honor and learn to analyze and look deep into them. This year will be filled with creative writing assignments that will push you past your usual comfort zone and challenge your thinking.         For these classes there are some specific supplies you should bring-


For Mrs. Myers:

  • Two folders
  • 5 subject notebook
  • 1 subject notebook
  • 2 boxes of tissues

For Mr. Medvecky:

  • 1 subject binder
  • Post-it notes (colored ones work well)
  • USB (optional, but highly recommended)


In addition, you will also need three folders- Spanish, Technology, and Music.


We cannot wait to meet you on Tuesday, September 6th. If you would like to contact us prior to the start of school (and also throughout the year) we can be reached at and .


Enjoy the rest of your summer break!

Mrs. Myers and Mr. Medvecky 





Grade(s)/Subjects(s): 5th grade-
Language Arts
Social Studies

Email Address:
Phone number: (732) 699-1563 ext 5419
Best time to reach me: before school, during lunch, specials, after school





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