Nikitovic, Irina

Welcome to Art


Dear Parents, Guardians and Visitors of Martin Luther King School,
As you visit our school this year and you walk the hallways, I invite you to observe and appreciate the artwork created by our young artists. Each piece shines with authenticity and a unique sense of self confidence possessed by the child who created it.

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October in Art

We are off to a great start in the new school year.

The LEAP Art program is starting the week of October 4th.I am very enthusiastic about this year in LEAP as we have high numbers of students participating in both grade levels. I look forward to teaching all of our great artistic talents further art skills.  Please be aware that timely and regular attendance is a must.

The 5th grade artists completed a mini self-portrait as an introduction to the new friends and teachers. We are currently in a process of studying a structure of a human eye and specific techniques when creating a realistic drawing of a human eye.

In grade 4 students completed a collaborative assignment on color theory. Each group worked together to create a plan for a project that depicts students’ understanding of color theory as well as ability to work well with others.

As each day unfolds, take some time to enjoy the wonders of autumn. 




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