Tosies, Christopher



Martin Luther King School

5205 Ludlow Street

Piscataway,NJ, 08854-4906

Mr. Christopher R. Tosies

Phone: 1-732-699-1563 (ext. 5437)


(best time to reach me: 7:00-7:45, 11:00-11:45, 2:25-3:00) 

Dear parents/guardians, and students, 

Useful Tips!

- practice your multiplication tables

-complete homework on a daily basis

-check  daily to see how your child's day went in terms of behavior, classwork, homework, and other useful reminders

-utilize for extra practice, printing out of homework pages, and other fun activities

-utilize and complete activities on that are assigned based on the content we are covering in class


Mr. Christopher R. Tosies & Mrs. St. Louis

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Phone: 1-732-699-1563 (ext. 5437/ 5436)

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