Tosies, Christopher



Martin Luther King School

5205 Ludlow Street

Piscataway,NJ, 08854-4906

Mr. Christopher R. Tosies

Phone: 1-732-699-1563 (ext. 5437)


Tips and Reminders: 

-Please remember to have your child complete their math homework daily.  
(work must be shown on homework)

-Keep practicing the times tables to keep them fresh in mind!

-Homework is posted on ClassDoJo daily including daily reminders and important announcements.  

Useful Websites: (homework, reminders,announcements  and daily behavior points are posted) (textbook website, interactive lessons,  personal math trainers, assignments, online assessments, etc.) ( individualized practice geared for your child's needs, contests, and math games) ( daily math discussions)  (fun math website for extra practice on basic computations) 


Mr. Christopher R. Tosies & Mrs. St. Louis
Phone: 1-732-699-1563 (ext. 5437/ 5436)
E-Mail:, /
P.S. Parents/ Guardians- Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please know that your child’s success is also our best interest.

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