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Mrs. Xarhoulakos' 

4th Grade Class 

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

      We are soaring in language arts! In writing, students are wrapping up the unit on narratives. Students learned that a great story includes dialogue, action, and figurative language. They've learned that stories come alive on a page! Furthermore, students have begun to understand the process a writer takes and the steps that a writer follows in order to make his/her writing the best it can be.

     In reading, students continue to focus on reading intensely, making their brains feel the pain!  They have begun to understand that reading includes great thinking and growing of ideas. Moving forward, we will begin studying nonfiction texts. I can't wait for students to delve into reading informational pieces, recognizing that readers and writers read and write for different purposes!   

    Students will continue to focus on learning all about New Jersey's history in social studies, specifically focusing on the early people that had settled on our land.  

The next few months will be busy! Please continue to encourage your readers and writers to read and write daily! Practicing reading and writing will help build children's stamina, and stamina is what we need to plow through our busy days!  

Mrs. Xarhoulakos


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