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Hi Everyone! I see you have started your conversation about the book!  Bravo!  Please feel free to continue your conversations regarding the theme of loyalty.  In class we've discussed WHAT an author writes, and HOW an author writes.  For the next post, I want you to choose to look at the WHAT or the HOW.  If you choose WHAT the author is writing, think about the inner turmoil True Son is experiencing as he is forced into his "new" world.  What evidence does the author provide to convey his trouble to the reader?  Think about the juxtaposition of his family's difficulty accepting him and trying to aid his transformation.  If you choose HOW the author writes, I want you to think about the way the author progresses the story and helps the reader view similar events from varying perspectives. How does reading about True Son's perspective of the landscape help you to appreciate the setting?  When you read Mr. Butler's perspective of "keeping the books" versus True Son's idea of his father "like a storehouse of useless figures of land, crops, and money" how does it help you, as the reader, understand the varying perspectives of the characters?  What do you think is the author's purpose of supplying the reader with both sides of the story?  I hope you are enjoying the book!  
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Krish P (Guest) said On 31 December, 2015 at 8:20 PM
John, or "True son" is invited to stay with his old parents. He has a hard time with them though because he has been separated from the family for a long time. He has a hard time believing that his other parents are his actual parents. True Son is changing, but only bit by bit, which is stressing the family out. In conclusion, True Son's old parents are not accepting them because of these specified reasons.   
Palash K. (Guest) said On 31 December, 2015 at 6:09 PM
True Son (A.K.A. John)'s white family has difficulty accepting John the way he is after living 10 years of life with indians. His white family is trying to help him become a white again, but still having a hard time accepting him. John does change by speaking English better than before, but his family disapproves of his indian clothing, shoes, and beliefs. This juxtaposition helped me understand how both sides felt at the time. True Son is changing, but so slowly that his white family does not notice any improvement. That is why they have a hard time accepting him.  
Palash K. (Guest) said On 31 December, 2015 at 5:47 PM
When True Son is forcibly taken away from his Indian "parents", he is told by his white parents to follow white beliefs and wear clothes like the whites. However, True Son is stubborn and does not want to live life as a white. For example, he refuses to put on his white clothes. Finally, True Son ran back to his indian parents that were a few hundred miles away. I then understood that True Son could do anything to get away from the whites and their way of life and back to his life as an indian.  
James W. (Guest) said On 31 December, 2015 at 3:31 PM
When True Son son is let go from his Indian foster parents,he is reenacting his life as a Caucasian boy. His life as a Indian is coming to a closing, unfortunately.He is broken when he has to leave but,in the white world, things started to change. True Son started to get forced instead of True Son having a choice. True Son's real parents start to call him Johnny and try to make him more of his white side then his Indian side. Johnny can't speak English thoroughly or he will speak broken English. In page 92 the book states,"I don't like, he said briefly.   
Aditya D (Guest) said On 30 December, 2015 at 2:40 PM
Oops, sorry! I meant wear, not where."... and wear the "white" clothes"  
Aditya D (Guest) said On 29 December, 2015 at 3:46 PM
When True Son is forced into the world of the whites, he is very troubled. The author shows this by showing how stubborn True Son is. He does not want to leave the Indian ways. An example of this is that for most of the trip, he talks with his friend. When he finally has to leave his friend, " he wished he could hold up his hand in farewell...". He also refuses to recognize his father as his actual father. He does not want to take his Indian clothes off and where the "white" clothes. His family is having difficulty accepting him into the family the way he is. They look down upon his clothes. However, they also are trying to help him change back. They try to get him to speak English, and change his clothes.   
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