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Welcome To Mrs. Cseh's 5th Grade Class

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email: mcseh@pway.org
phone: 732-699-1563 ext. 5416

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Third Marking Period


Literacy:  In Reader’s Workshop our focus will be on researching debatable issues.  This is a unit that supports students in reading more complex, challenging nonfiction.  It also will support students in becoming more active and critical citizens.  In Writer’s Workshop students will become argument writers.  As argument writers, they will be expected to structure their writing so that it includes claims that are supported by reasons that are backed by evidence. 

Social Studies: We will cover Chapter 3 “The Age of Exploration.”  The big idea of this chapter will be cooperation and conflict.  Students will learn why cultural differences and competition for land led to conflicts among different groups of people in the Americas. 

Please continue to monitor students' agendas, the class calendar, and students' grades on Genesis.  This is a great way to keep track of assignments, important dates, grades, etc.  And as always, please call me with any questions or concerns.         


Please become a member of the M.L.King PTO.  I am!


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