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Mrs. Bal 
Room 22

    Second Marking Period 

In Math students are working in small groups learning different math skills. These skills include multiplication strategies, addition and subtraction with regrouping, money concepts, and solving word problems, both one and two steps. 

In Literacy we are in the middle of reading the chapter book, Superfudge. While reading each day we are practicing making connections and learning new grade level vocabulary. After each chapter students complete comprehension questions, organizers, and writing tasks to assess their understanding. The kids are really enjoying learning about all the characters, especially Fudge! 

In Science students are learning about food webs and food chains. We are growing mold as one of our Mystery Science experiments. Students are observing each day to see what environment is best for mold. Some vocabulary they are being exposed to are: producers, consumers, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. 

Friday folders: At the end of every school week each child will bring home his/her Friday Folder. The Friday Folder will contain your child's work from that week as well as any important flyers from the school. Please return the folder and the weekly progress report to school on Monday. You can keep all of the paperwork at home.

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Thank you for all your cooperation!
Mrs. Bal


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