‚ÄčWhat is DynaMath and when/where should it be completed?
DynaMath is a Math magazine that students get at the beginning of each month. They work on it in class, when they have free time.  There is a due date on the top of each magazine - when it is within a week of the due date they can work on it at home if they wish to finish it up. It will be collected and checked as a classwork grade. Only certain pages (content covered so far in 4th or 5th) will be counted towards the grade.  Any content not taught yet, or challenging questions, should be attempted but will not count towards grade.

Can I have extra credit?
Extra credit is not assigned on an as needed or as wanted basis.  When opportunities arise within our learning that I think would benefit students, but will not require of students, I will assign it as extra credit.  Students should take opportunities as they arise, as extra credit will not just be assigned at the end of a marking period to increase a grade.