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Welcome To Mrs. Cseh's 5th Grade Class

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email: mcseh@pway.org
phone: 732-699-1563 ext. 5416

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Welcome Back!

First Marking Period

Welcome back to school!  I am looking forward to a new and exciting school year! 

Literacy –This year we will be diving into Reader’s and Writer’s workshops, so don’t forget your sharpened pencils.  In Reader’s Workshop we will begin with our Interpretation Book Clubs unit.  The goal of this unit is to get students to think deeper about texts.  In Writer’s Workshop, the goal of our first unit, Narrative Craft, is to improve the quality of writing – and the lasting knowledge and skill of the writers.

Social Studies – We will start the year studying geographic landforms of the United States.  The goal of Chapter 1 is for students to understand that people interact with the environment and are affected by it.  We will achieve this goal by describing the five regions of the United States, identifying different landform regions, locating different bodies of water, and explaining how physical features affect human settlement patterns.

Please monitor students' grades on Genesis.  And as always, please call or email me with any questions or concerns.         

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