Welcome Letter


August, 2019

   Dear Fantastic Fourth Grader,


     Welcome to an exciting year at Martin Luther King Intermediate School!  My name is Mrs. Fiumara and I will be your fourth grade homeroom, literacy, and social studies teacher.  Our classroom number is 28.  Mrs. Froio, in Room 29, will be your math and science teacher.  Together, we are going to learn about so much.  We will have lots of fun while learning, exploring, and challenging ourselves each and every day.


      I know that you’re probably feeling a bit nervous to come to a new school.  Guess what?  It is going to be great!  There are many other students who are entering a new school just like you.  I promise you that you’re going to have a smooth transition.  Everyone here is so helpful and kind.  After all, remember that, “It’s cool to be kind at King.”


     I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.  I was able to travel to some amazing places around New Jersey and I even had the chance to visit Croatia.  I cannot wait to show you pictures!  It has been a fantastic summer, but I am ready for the school year to begin and cannot wait to meet you!  On the first day of school, please bring:


  • ¨Your favorite book to read
  • ¨Your school supplies à To access the grade level list go to:
    1. www.piscatawayschools.org
    2. Click on “Parent Center” and select “2019-2020 School Supply List” from the dropdown menu
    3. Click on Martin Luther King School Supplies

      You will see fourth and fifth grade lists.  However, you only need the supplies on the grade 4 list.

  • ¨Your lunch (Please note that there is no snack in 4th grade)
  • ¨Your thinking cap J
  • ¨ A positive attitude with a big smile


   Additional School Supplies- Optional, but greatly appreciated:


  • 1 box of Ziploc gallon baggies
  • 2 purple pens and 2 red pens


Please put all of these items in a bag & put your name on the outside of the bag!


        If you cannot find all of the items, no worries!  I will make sure you have what you need for an incredible first day of school!  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I look forward to meeting you and I also look forward to seeing your parents at Back to School Night.  I will see you on the first day of school which is Wednesday, September 4th!


Mrs. Fiumara J

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