Fonzetti, Marina


Mrs. Fonzetti's

Fifth Grade Class

Martin Luther King School

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(732) 699-1563
School Hours: 8:05 am-2:20 pm
Half-Day Mondays and Fridays with Teacher Office Hours 1-2:20 pm

Students should report to their homeroom teacher's Zoom meeting at 8:00 am for WIN class each morning.

Winter 2021

It is such a pleasure working with the students of Rooms 11 and 12 this year!  Here is some information about what we are currently studying.

Students are putting finishing touches on Literary Essays written about a short story of choice.  Students are learning the power of a clear thesis statement and organized essay.  From here, we move onto a Research- Based Argument lesson.  Within this unit, students will research a debatable topic and craft an essay supporting their individual opinion, based on their research of both sides of the issue. 

Additionally, students are exploring the world of Greek and Latin affixes.  This inquiry will take our academic vocabulary to new heights as we expand on our ever-growing vocabularies!

Social Studies
Students are travelling back in time, to the Age of Exploration in Europe.  Taking a closer look at historical figures and events from multiple perspectives, we will see how cultures met in "The New World". 

Thank you to all parents and guardians for your support this year!  Please reach out on Class Dojo or email with any questions or concerns.  I am here to assist you and your child's learning in any way I can.

Warm Regards,
Mrs. Fonzetti