Classroom Policies
Students are expected to come to school prepared to learn.  Homework, supplies, books, and a positive attitude should come to school with your student daily.  Respect for other students and adults is not only expected, but essential for a positive learning community.


Homework must be turned in everyday.  If a student does not bring in their homework, they will be required to stay in at recess to complete the work.  If this becomes a habit, parents/guardians will be called in for a conference to determine ways to help the student remember their work. 
Any student that does not follow a class rule will be reminded of the rule and issued a warning. If the behavior continues, the student will have recess detention and the parent or guardian will be notified of the detention.
Effort is required on all work.  Work that is turned into the teacher may be returned to the student to redo if effort is not apparent.                                                             
All tests must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the teacher. 


I am available by phone and e-mail to set-up conferences and discuss concerns or triumphs. Please e-mail or send in a note if you wish to have your student to receive extra help.  We can then set-up day(s) and time(s) that will match both our schedules.