Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop

Ways We Choose Books:

-          authors we know and like

-          interesting title

-          a “just right” book using the five finger rule (not too easy/ not too           challenging)

-          another book in a series

-          an award-winning book

-          a recommendation from a friend or teacher

-          love of a genre

-          try the beginning

-          heard it read aloud

-          reread a book you have already read

-          sequel to a book you enjoyed


Purposes for Reading:

-          to solve a problem

-          to learn something new

-          for enjoyment

-          to share with friends and family

-          to make something

-          to explore new places


I Get Better at Reading By:

-          reading every day

-          reading a variety of genres

-          writing about what I read

-          thinking while I am reading

-          thinking carefully about what I have read

-          using reading strategies to figure out unknown words

-          using reading strategies when I don’t understand

-          reading a just-right book to practice reading and to stretch myself as a    reader

-          setting reading goals

-          self-assessing my progress towards that goal

-          listening to my reading to monitor fluency

-          talking about what I read with others


Strategies Good Readers Use to Solve Word Problems:

-          match the sounds of the letters in the word to the word they are reading

-          notice whether the word makes sense

-          reread

-          skip the word and read ahead then go back to say the word

-          look at the illustration for clues

-          look for a little word in the unknown word

-          look for part of the word you know

-          ask if this looks like another word you know

-          look for prefixes and suffixes


Reading Multi-Syllable Words:

-          look for a prefix at the beginning of the word

-          look for a suffix at the end of the word

-          look at the middle of the word

-          say the parts slowly

-          blend the parts together as you say them quickly

-          ask if the word sounds like a real word


Asking Questions:

-          my questions helped me think about what was happening in the story

-          my questions made me think about what else might happen

-          my questions helped me think about what some of the words meant

-          I listened to the story because I wanted to find out if my question was          answered

-          my questions made me want to go find out other things about this topic

-          my questions helped me think how the character was feeling


Reading is Thinking!!!

-          paint a picture in your mind

-          ask yourself questions

-          make predictions

-          summarize in your head

-          make conections

o   text-to-text

o   text-to-self

o   text-to-world

-          notice an author’s craft or writing style