Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

Ideas for Writer’s Notebook Entries:

-          things I see that are interesting

-          very close observations of things

-          questions about a subject, person, thing, place, etc.

-          lists of things I might want to think about later

-          quotes from music, movies, or books

-          writing generated from photographs

-          memories

-          ideas from news stories I hear

-          character ideas from interesting people I see

-          setting ideas from places I visit

-          poetry

-          family stories that I know

-          writing generated from conversations I’ve had

-          things I wonder about

-          dreams

-          writing techniques I have observed other author’s use


Strategies of Good Writers:

-          writers often focus on a moment of time

-          writers use descriptive language

-          writers write for a purpose and intended audience

-          writers organize the structure of their writing

-          writers write leads that engage readers

-          writers write endings that build on their writing and have a sense of            closure


Habits of Good Writers

-          they write about their own life experiences and things they know a lot                about

-          they take writing seriously by following a set of routines and writing                    every day

-          they use a Writer’s Notebook to collect ideas and record observations

-          they read a lot

-          they learn about their subjects by researching topics

-          they purposefully plan, revise, edit, and publish their writing


Good Writers Take Risks!

Narrative Writing Check List

How many checks do you have?


Who is my audience?

What is my purpose for writing? (i.e. to entertain? to teach a lesson?)



Figurative Language? (i.e Simile, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Metaphor, Personification)

Engaging lead?


Descriptive Setting?

Characterization? (Show don’t tell! i.e.  No = He was old.  Yes = His skin was as wrinkled as a raisin, and his cane made a soft thumping sound against the floor as he approached me.)

 Joke or riddle embedded successfully in story?

 Extra something special? (ellipsis, parenthetical expression, circular ending, foreshadowing, rhetorical question)